NSAA Convention 2015

If You Have a Passion, Knowledge, Information or Skills to Share!

And you want to unlock the secrets to profitably sharing it then the National Convention of the National Speakers Association of Australia, Canberra 27-30th March 2015 is the place for you.

You’ll get a heck of a lot from this conference if you are a…

  • Speaker or aspiring speaker and would love to find a community of others like you to network and share and grow your knowledge, competency or skills.
  • Trainer who would like to make the change from training days to speaking hours (hour keynotes rather than day long training!)and also develop residual income .
  • Consultant looking to find ways to develop your client base by regularly speaking at conferences and turning your knowledge into products.
  • Coach looking to multiply your income streams by moving from one-on-one coaching to one-on-many using the latest learning technology to package and deliver your expertise.
  • Author or aspiring author looking to capitalise on your information to profitably share it using the myriad of publishing and distribution options.
  • Information “owner” and have knowledge, skills and ideas of value which you want to share and want to find out the options and methods to do that profitably and enjoyably.

This conference is where experts who speak… and train, consult, coach and write get together to network and share their ideas, information and techniques on how to do that profitably and pleasurably.

No matter what level you currently are at… just starting, at the top of your game or somewhere in between … this information packed weekend will arm you with the ammunition to do it!

At the conference you get to mix, meet and listen to people who are doing it successfully. They will happily share their tips and traps with you and you’ll learn from their knowledge and experience. It’s a shortcut to success.

Register Now!

So, now it’s up to you! If you are ready to make the move into profitably sharing your passion, information, knowledge or skills then register here now!

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