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March Meeting Notes

March Board Meeting

Held: Monday 19th March 2018
Venue: Sofitel Brisbane Hotel
New President: Tarran Deane

The key items were:

  • Onboarding New Directors & Roles: We welcomed Peter Merrett to the Board and began with the review of the AGM outcomes and previous Minutes, and acknowledged our commitment to effective governance, gender diversity and CSP representation when seeking to fulfil Board vacancies
  • Board Vacancies: If you are interested in serving please send a one page application to detailing the value you would bring to the board
  • Financial Position: We are in a good position and are exercising due diligence with our finances. We are able to pay debts as they fall due.
  • PSAConvention18: The Convention attendance has been strong and post-convention workshops were underway while the Board Meeting was held. It is anticipated post-convention survey feedback and outstanding invoice items will be received over the next few weeks. Seems everyone Loved the BARISTA at the Sofitel!  We also identified a continuous quality improvement task to develop an enhanced high-value support document for Sponsors, Exhibitors and Partners. Our PCO and Sponsorship Coordinator will begin work on that in the next few months. Award recipients were acknowledged in Warwick Merry’s last communication as National President on Sunday 2018.03.18. Congratulations to all recipients.
  • PSAConvention19: Amanda Stevens CSP our Convention Convenor delivered the Launch on Sunday with special Convention Only Earlybird Registrations of $1190 for the Opening, Saturday and Sunday Programs. Our venue of choice for “You are the MESSAGE” is just 20 minutes south of Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport, at Peppers Resort & Spa Hotel, Salt, Kingscliff. Visit our website for more details and to register if you haven’t already.


Meeting Notes Now Align with Our Core 8 Competencies as They Apply to the Business of PSA 

  1. Professional Awareness
    Service Succession Planning at State Chapter level is a focus and we welcome your expressions of interest in serving. Please liaise with your Chapter President and Chapter Leadership team to find out how you may be able to help right now and into the future.
  2. Professional Relationships
    GSF Report was received; Acknowledged and confirmed our congratulations to all Australian CSP recipients and international recipient Cam Calkoen CSP! Well done to our latest CSPs.CSP Emeritus: Our constitution allows for a CSP Emeritus class of membership. That is, a CSP who has retired from speaking but still wishes to remain part of PSA and use the CSP post nominal. Some additional processes were created around notification of eligibility. These will be implemented with the consultation of the office team. This item was raised again during the Saturday morning AGM on 2018.03.17 and we confirm the provision as laid out in the constitution.
  3. Topic Development – 
    Chapter Event Program Updates are as per our Event Booking System.
  4. Platform Mechanics –
    All Chapters completed an inventory stocktake of equipment. This will be reviewed in April meeting for any replacement budget to be approved for required event equipment.
  5. Presenting & Performing –
    Getting to Professional Member Webinars ~ we’re delighted that Warwick Merry, Immediate Past National President has agreed to host these for us through until December 2018 as our commitment to supporting our Provisional members and Affiliates to grow their businesses and lodge their designation application
  6. Authorship & Development
    We’ve confirmed an ongoing commitment to liaise with Head Office and monitor the timing of all communications originating from our PSA Office including Chapter Events, National Roadshows, Special Announcements, President Newsletters and Surveys
  7. Sales & Marketing – PSA Market Penetration
    Reviewed all Convention launch results for PSAConvention19, Platform Professionals and Boost!
    Platform Professionals 2018: upcoming > 
    Pre-registration EOIs were manually completed by those in attendance at Friday 2018.03.16 pre-session ‘Platform Professionals Stream’, for the proposed Winter multi-day retreat scheduled in August. It will be a pre-taster of the #PSAConvention19 venue and a not to be missed opportunity for our CSPs, and industry top income earners of $300k+ presentation generated revenue.

    BOOST! Coaching Program: 
    We announced the launch of our inaugural PSA Coaching Program “BOOST!” which runs over a 6 month period, and the projected impact on our revenue over the next 12 months, with April Intake #01 and October Intake #02. We received 9 expressions of interest during PSAConvention18 and confidential pre-qualifying conversations will happen in the days/weeks following with the individuals and Ian Stephens.
    Learn more about BOOST! right here and increase your sales!Many Faces of PSA: is in the exciting review and development phase with this long-term strategy to unfold over coming months.

8. Managing the Business
We are grateful for our team behind the scenes that have assisted with this incredibly busy season in the course of PSA’s hosting of the Annual Convention, our AGM, leadership transitions around the country and to all who have contributed with countless volunteer hours while running their own businesses.


Special thanks go to: 
Warwick Merry CSP 2017 National President who has been an incredible supporter of PSA and to all our members.
Brian Waring, Treasurer, who has served multiple terms and supported each Board diligently.
and to Donna Hanson CSP who is continuing as Board liaison for both Platform Professionals and BOOST! until November, has also completed her term as a Director.


This covers the key points arising from our board meeting. As always, we welcome any ideas, thoughts or feedback you may have about our association and what we can do to support you better.


Thanks for being part of the Professional Speakers Australia community!

Warm regards





Tarran Deane

2018 PSA President

Tarran Deane President Professional Speakers Australia 2018 - Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, Author, Change & Communication Consultant. Book Tarran today via






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As a reminder, your 2018 PSA Board comprised of:

The Executive:

  • Tarran Deane – National President | Chair | Director
  • Russell Pearson – Vice President | Director
  • In Progress – Interim Treasurer


  • Tony Eades –  also serving in Interim Executive Role
  • Peter Merrett
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Company Secretary

  • Manpreet Singh

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