The Australian Professional Speakers Academy

If you are just starting out as a Professional Speaker or aspire to be one, The Australian Professional Speakers Academy is the perfect vehicle for you. You will learn all about how to become a success in the speaking profession and business from some of PSA’s leading lights.


An Overview of the Academy

Key Objectives

  • To provide delegates with the skills and strategies for success as proven by those who have succeeded
  • To become a pathway of excellence for associates, members, professional members and non-members of PSA
  • To provide aspiring speakers with a credible fast track to success in this business
  • To thoroughly address the six key areas of professional speaking
  • To inspire participants to grow through strategic relationships formed as a result of attending and graduating from the Speakers Academy
  • To raise the standards of the professional speaking industry
  • To further grow the industry that attracts and books our PSA members



The purpose of the Australian Professional Speakers Academy is to provide a structured learning program centred on the essential knowledge, skills and strategies necessary for long-term success in the speaking profession in Australia.

It is divided into six modules:

  • Topic Development – What will you speak about? In what areas are you or will you seek to become an expert?
  • Authorship & Product Development – How will you package your expertise and/or intellectual property and make it available to your market?
  • Sales & Marketing – How will you market and sell your product(s)?
  • Your Business Model – What is the best business model for you to achieve your goals?
  • The Speaking Profession – What do you need to know about the speaking industry and what it takes to operate as a professional in this industry.
  • The Speaking Craft – What you need to master to command the attention of today’s audiences.


Program Design & Structure

This program is being continually refined to reflect changing industry trends and to offer greater flexibility to participants. The reviews of Academy continue to be glowing.

“Without Academy, I probably would have got to where I am now but I reckon it would have taken me three times as long and I would have made twice the number of mistakes with ten times the heartaches.”

“Applying the lessons I learned in Academy, I get paid well and sleep at nights. I don’t have to worry where my next business is coming from. That’s the bottom line of what it’s done for me!”



  • Industry-specific knowledge not available anywhere else.
  • Access to professional speakers willing to share their expertise and experience.
  • The opportunity to network with other speakers on similar learning paths.


Academy FAQ

I’d like to become a speaker, but I haven’t been paid to speak yet Is it too early for me to attend?

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, the sooner you know what’s required the better. That way, you’ll know where you currently stand and what you need to do to reach the necessary level of expertise. Some speakers do Academy very early in their journey to being a speaker, then do it again after some time speaking (and are encouraged to do this with a discounted graduate rate).

I have done speaking courses before, how is this different?

This is not a speaking course; it is a program about creating a speaking business. One module looks at speaking skills and stagecraft, but even it assumes a certain level of competence at speaking to a group.


Who Conducts the Seminars?

The facilitators are experienced professional speakers with a broad range of delivery and business models. These are members of PSA who model the spirit of the association with their generous sharing of their hard-earned knowledge. The fact that they can speak from their own recent personal experience keeps the seminars real.

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