Professional Speaking Member Accreditation

Interested in being accredited to Professional Speaking Member status?

Download all relevant documents here

Please ensure the forms and templates you are using are current. Applications using superseded forms will need to be re-submitted using current forms.

The Process

1. Gather all the information required using all of the documents that relate to the Professional Speaking Member Designation, located on the PSA website, to guide you.

2. Ensure that you meet all the criteria.

3. If you are unsure about whether a particular presentation meets the requirements for the keynote presentation, you should ask before submitting your application. You can do that by putting your question with as much information as possible in an email to the PSA office. Please note that the staff at the PSA office are not able to provide information about whether a presentation meets the requirements or not – they simply pass the question to the National Accreditation Manager who will provide the answer. Please note also, that such questions cannot necessarily be answered by chapter leadership team members. If in any doubt, submit a question.

4. Use the information in the guidelines to arrange for a good quality video to be made of your keynote presentation.

5. If you are using presentation generated income to meet the threshold income, ensure that it meets the definition of PGI (presentation generated income). If you are unsure, submit a question.

6. When you have all the information, collate it using the spreadsheet templates on the website. Ensure that all the information is carefully detailed.

7. Print out three copies of the spreadsheet. Electronic copies are not accepted.

8. Complete the Application Form carefully and print out three copies.

9. Gather sufficient examples of your products to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism. It is up to you to decide what this will be. Please be aware that no part of your application including products will be returned to you.

10. Gather sufficient examples of your marketing materials to demonstrate your professionalism. It is up to you to decide what this will be.

11. Make a copy of your entire application.

12. Make up three separate identical application packages with the only exception being that only one package needs to contain examples of products. Each package must contain a copy of your video, or a reference as to where it can be viewed on the internet. Each package should be in its own box, bag, file or whatever you choose to submit your application. It is strongly suggested that you put each package in an “easy to use” format such as an indexed file rather than loose sheets of paper.

13. Include a payment method with your application. Your application will not proceed until payment has been received and cleared.

14. Send your application by a trackable method to the National Office.

15. When your application has been received and is the process of assessment, you will at some point be asked to provide detailed information about certain periods of your application and this information will be subject to verification by an external auditor. The form, nature and time periods for this information will be provided to you at that time. You will also be told at that time, the deadline for that detailed information to be received.


If you have any queries about any aspect of the process please email them to the National Office,, who will forward them on to the person who can answer.

The PSA office staff cannot answer questions about accreditation beyond whether your application has been received and whether payment has been cleared.

Applications normally take 1 – 2 months to process.

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